Preschool Program

Education Station is open 7:00am-6:00pm, Monday -Friday. We are strictly an education based organization.Through play, activities, and exploration we learn literacy skills, math skills, science, social studies, and arts. Because our center is focused on providing a high quality education, following early learning standards, we use the Creative Curriculum.



Education Station teachers are degreed and/or certified with years of experience in caring for and educating children. Our teachers use routines and experiences to get to know your child in order to help individualize lesson plans. By creating a welcoming learning environment, teachers are able to partner with families to further ensure social and academic growth.

The goal is to have all of our preschoolers prepared for kindergarten with better pre-reading skills, richer vocabularies, and stronger basic math skills. As well as, promote social skills and good classroom habits to help prepare for Kindergarten.


developmental picture

Physical Development- use of the body, muscle control, and appropriate nutrition, exercise, hygiene, and safety practices. Students will develop large motor skills and balance for a range of physical activities, such as walking, skipping, running, climbing, and hopping.

Social and Emotional Development- students will get along well with each other and adults. Learn to have a positive self- image and be able to cope with unexpected situations. Students should have a willingness to try new activities and demonstrates self-help skills.

Cognitive Development- activities will include the ability to think through problems and apply strategies for solving them. Logic and reasoning skills are an essential part of child development and early learning and a foundation for competence and success in school and other environments.